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Hello there. Oh God, this blog is so dead. It has been a long time for me to catch you up. But, yeah, I’m back with another story, Runaway to Bangkok. Hope you enjoy.

By the way, I know there is a concern about Thailand political situation. There so many people ask is it safe to go there or not, we do either. But thank God, when we went there the demonstration ran orderly. They’ve been staying near Siam. Sometime, there is a long march near Silom or Siam. But it didn’t bother so much since we use the BTS everywhere. So, if you had a plan to visit Thailand, don’t worry because at this time they won’t bother Thailand tourism.

So, here we go… 

Day I: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Place: Lalaisap Market, Madam Tussauds, Siam paragon, MBK, Siam road

It was 5 in the morning, we’d already in the airport for the early flight with Mandala Tigerair. We had about one hour to take our cup of coffee since we were so sleepy. Yes, both of us are sleepy head.

We walked to the immigration gate at 6 am, and it was chaos there. There was a long line to the gate. Everybody was angry and cut out the line since they were running out of time to catch up the flight.  

Luckily we are on time, even though other passenger had to wait a little bit longer for us. We took off at 7 am. Can you imagine one hour on the line? 

«Goodbye Jakarta»

«selfie before took a nap»

10.20 we arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. One thing you should buy at the airport is a local number. There are a lot of providers that offer you the tourist package for a week. We bought Dtac happy tourist package for only 300 baht at arrival hall gate 7. 

And the journey begins…

You can use a taxi to go to the city, but we chose to have a train to travel with. So, we used Airport City Line and BTS for sure.

Actually, it wasn’t difficult to find a way to Airport City Line. But, since you don’t want to get tired for walking along the arrival hall, you should ask. We asked a guard there and they don’t speak English. Well, you should accustom to body language in this country. The way to get Airport City Line is on your right side. Go to the gate 1, and go downstairs. Just follow the signage.

«to the airport city line»

«at the airport city line»

We planned to have a lunch at Lalaisap Market to try duck noodle at the restaurant named Khao na ped ba mee (Rice or egg noodle with duck). So, we took Airport City Line to Phaya Thai station for about 45 Baht. Then, we continue to use BTS from Phaya Thai, transit to Siam, and continue to Chong Nonsi station for about 34 Baht. 

«from Airport City Line to BTS station»

«BTS card»

To go to Lalai Sap market, take exit 4, go straight, and take the first right. Now, you can see Lalai sap Market.

Lalai sap Market is just like another shopping heaven beside the Patpong night market, the siam market, china town, or any other market in Bangkok. It sells a lot of foods, a lot of fruits, a lot of fashion items in cheep price. If only I forgot my backpack, I would shop here.

Sadly, we couldn’t find Khao na ped ba mee restaurant. But, we pleased by another duck noodle there. Price only 40 Baht. Yummy.

«Egg noodle with duck»

«lalai sap market food court alike»

After having a good lunch and nice snacks along the market, we have to go to our hotel. It’s check in time. We stayed at iCheck Inn Hotel in Silom road because we got a special price from Agoda, only 1,177,308 rupiahs for 3 nights.

Since, it has been on Silom Road, we chose to have a walk to get there. It is 15 minutes walk from lalai sap market. Yes, it’s hard to walk when the sun is above your head. Oh God.  

Overall, the hotel is good. People are so friendly. But, two things to consider. First, the hotel is on alley of the street, so wasn’t easy to find it. We should ask. Second, they don’t provide you two keycards. So, it would be difficult for us if one of us want to go outside and the other wants to stay.

«the room is so nice»

We took a rest for about 30 minutes before heading up to Madam Tussauds and buy Manchester City Jersey for my brother. To get there, we take BTS from the nearest BTS station from our hotel, Surasak Station. It is 10 minutes walk.

«the way to Surasak Station»

«the station»

We planned to get the jersey first, then go to Madame Tussauds. So, we take the BTS to National Stadium Station for 34 Baht. The jersey store is about 300 m from Madame Tussauds. Take exit to National stadium, go straight, take a left at the intersection, go straight until you find a big sport equipment store, named FBT. Then, go left. Along the road you can find so many jersey store.

After we got the jersey, we went back to Madame Tussauds. We only spent 640 Baht per person for ticket because we buy it online. Like any other knows about Madame Tussauds, we were not surprise of what we saw. But this is my favorite moment. Take a photo with our great first president.

«with President Soekarno» 

Exploring Madame Tussauds, made us hungry. So, we walk around Siam, and found food stalls in front of Siam centre. We bought some satay, and orange juice. Gosh, the food is so crazy. Yum, yum.

With a stomach full of food, we were exploring Siam night market and buying some clothes. Before going back to the hotel, we tried Thai Roti Martaba. It is delicious!! I’m falling in love. The banana melts inside of your mouth mix together with the sweetness of chocolate milk, vanilla milk and sugar. And it’s only 40 Baht.


«Thai Roti Martaba»

Enough of exploring. Our foot had been already felt so numb. We have to take a rest for tomorrow’s journey. Btw, we only spent 1247 Baht for two persons, exclude shopping.

Have a nice dream people. Xoxo


Next: Day II: exploring Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Tha Tien Market, Grand Palace, Sanam Luang Park, Asiatic Riverside. Stay Tuned. 

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